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"Thanks Marte,
You would be shocked to see the response from the first mail out. I knew people would like it, though unprepared for how many."

Connie in Calgary

Marte is fantastic - so patient and genuinely commited. She took the time to listen very carefully to what I needed and then produced the goods!

It was a pleasure working with her.

Peter Breslin
A-1 Transfer Moving and Storage


That's what I love when working with you.
You always give me what I ask on the first time.



A Message for Marketing Directors
Business Owners

Dear Business Professional,

What brings you in search of a copywriter?

Have you recently lost part of your copywriting team - or are you looking for a fresh approach to help you reach more and better customers or clients?

Perhaps you have an overload of work that needs to be completed soon, or you're thinking of adding a new marketing method - such as a blog, an e-mail campaign, or a newsletter.

Maybe you've been doing your own copywriting, but have become too busy running your business and serving your customers to continue. (That's a good problem!) Or perhaps you've been writing your own promotions and they're just not getting the results you want.

Whatever the reason, you've come to the right place, because I can help.

If you want to:

  • Spend less time worrying about your copy and more time reaping its benefits
  • See an increased return on investment with each e-mail, sales letter, postcard, ad, or press release that leaves your office
  • Enjoy better organic search results for all your web pages
  • Add a new marketing method - such as a blog or a newsletter

And if you'd like to work with a copywriter who will:

  • Value your time as much as her own
  • Work on a per-project basis rather than on a salary
  • Give you a firm quote
  • Work reliably under tight deadlines
  • Juggle multiple projects with ease
  • Deliver on time, every time
  • Offer a fresh approach to your marketing message, while respecting the voice your company is known for
  • Offer new solutions and ideas when requested
  • Assist in choosing new marketing avenues
  • Maintain a cheerful attitude in the face of edits and revisions
  • Really care that each of your promotions adds to your success

Then we should get acquainted...

My name is Marte Cliff. I'm a freelance copywriter specializing in web copy with SEO, direct sales letters, e-mail campaigns, postcards, print ads, and press releases.

I also enjoy brainstorming and helping businesses explore the needs and wants of their prospective customers - so we can bring them meaningful messages that spur them to action.

I can start from scratch and create one letter - or an entire campaign. Or, if you like, I can help you refine the message you have in your mind that simply doesn't come out right when you put it to paper.

One of my clients is an entrepreneur who loves to send messages from the heart to her customers - but she's not a writer. So she simply writes her message and sends it to me to re-arrange and polish. She calls me her "Clean -up crew."

How to choose your copywriter:

As you've seen, a web search will show you hundreds, if not thousands of copywriters. That means you have choices - even too many choices.

To help you make that choice, I'd like to offer a suggestion:

Along with the ability to understand your business and your customers - and the ability to write well - the copywriter you choose should be someone you will enjoy working with. Someone who is easy to communicate with - who asks intelligent questions, but doesn't waste your time.

If you've been working with copywriters for long, I'm sure you've met plenty who were "Prima donnas" or were otherwise difficult to work with. You've also met some whose expertise didn't fit your product or service.

One of my clients was ready to give up on copywriters entirely because he had mistakenly hired a Business to Business Industrial Writer to sell his personal care product. That kind of wrong choice can cost thousands - both in wasted copywriting fees and in lost revenue.

I think you'll agree that you also want someone who cares about the outcome of each and every promotion and takes personal satisfaction in helping you increase your revenue.

Thank you once again for your help, patience and determination in seeing the project through. You are GREAT to work with and I will recommend you if I know anyone who needs excellent copywriting.

It is exceedingly rare to work with someone who actually CARES about her clients!

Thanks again,

The way to find the right copywriter for you is to get acquainted. So e-mail: and let's get acquainted. We can set a time to talk on the phone if you like - I've found that to be the fastest way to know if personalities "click" and background experience fits.

And that really is important. Being able to communicate effortlessly can be the key to a stress-free, profitable promotion.

I look forward to "meeting" you soon...


Marte Cliff, Copywriter
1794 Blue Lake Road
Priest River, Idaho 83856