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Who Am I?

     I'm a freelance copywriter dedicated to creating marketing materials that make money for my clients.

I got my start marketing my own real estate firm and then went on to using the power of words to raise money for the local animal rescue, revive the 4th of July celebration in our small town, and get my favorite candidates elected for office.

When I realized that writing and marketing was the most exciting and challenging part of everything I did, I sold the real estate firm and turned to copywriting full time.

Now I write the web pages, agent bios, brochures, and real estate letters that help other real estate agents become successful. I even have a series of pre-written real estate letters for agents on a budget.

     My job as a writer is to bring the customers to your website or in your door... so you can make them glad they got there. Write me or call me today at 208-448-1479 and we'll discuss how I can help you build your business!

For both fun and business, I enjoy "Playing in the rain" at Active Rain. There I meet real estate professionals from all over the country, and even the world. Come on into the rain and visit me at my Active Rain blog.

On the personal side...

When I'm not writing or playing with my dogs, I enjoy photography, gardening, horseback riding, and reading mystery novels.


     I'm also a wife and mother. I have two exceptionally wonderful grown sons, and a beautiful little grand-daughter.

My older son does home remodeling in the Seattle WA area and is an avid fisherman. You can see videos and read about fishing the northwest at

My daughter-in-law, Jacquie, is a top real estate agent serving Seattle and surrounding areas. If you're looking for a buyer's agent, go to and see what she can do for you.

My younger son is a power lineman - one of those brave men who works through the night bringing "power to the people" after a storm. Just like his brother and his dad, he's also an avid fisherman, so sometimes contributes a photo or two to his brother's web site.

My husband is a retired home builder. At my urging he finally wrote down the steps involved in putting a house together, and I turned it into an e-book called Home Building Simplified After that we added some guidelines for hiring a reputable contractor, because there are far too many "fly-by-nights" around. Many states now require a license, but all that really amounts to is having enough money in the bank to buy a bond and pay for the license.

If you're about to hire a home builder, read Home Building Simplified before you start!

Before that, at his urging, I wrote an e-book called the Land Buyer's Guidebook. That one gives you a list of all the questions you really MUST ask before you close on a parcel of land. It's the result of two things: The sad stories clients told me and the things I saw other agents and sellers doing to people during my 19 year career. If you're going to buy land and build a home, you need both of them.


To Contact me:
Marte Cliff
1794 Blue Lake Road
Priest River, ID 83856