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Where are Their Hearts?

Today (December 4) is bitterly cold and the wind makes it even colder. that didn't stop some person or persons unknown from dumping two innocent young lives in a cardboard box at the Peninsula dumpsters.

Two fat and fuzzy black female cold that they didn't even whimper when a good samaratin picked up their would-be coffin and put them in a warm pickup truck.

We at Animal Rescue can't understand it. What kind of a person would dump a puppy...or a kitten... or any creature dependent upon them? These puppies would have died of exposure within a few hours...or they would have been torn apart by a predator. How can any heart be that cruel?

There is no reason - no excuse - for doing such a thing. Priest River Animal Rescue exists to help animals in need and we find good, loving homes for all of the dogs and cats who come to us. We're always looking for more foster homes, because we are a no-kill organization. Somehow, we find a way to care for all of them.

If you have puppies or kittens you don't want, don't dump them. Call us! We'll help find them homes. You may need to keep them a little longer while we find a place for them, and we WILL ask that you have your remaining dogs (and cats) spayed and neutered in order to reduce the number of homeless pets. There's no reason to wait, because Priest River Animal Rescue will even help pay the cost of spay and neuter! Call us.

December is Home 4 The Holidays month in Priest River...and around the world. Shelters everywhere are working to put homeless pets in a home for Christmas. Right now we have approximately 30 dogs and at least 10 cats who are looking for homes. So, if you want to put some love in your life before the new year, just give us a call. 448-0699

And remember...please spay and neuter your pets!

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