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Happy Holidays - for your pets!

The holiday seasons are hard on dogs and cats. Christmas is the big one, but any time your house is filled with unfamiliar people and unusual activity, your cats and dogs need extra care. Their schedule is disrupted, there are strangers in their home, some of those strangers have strange dogs and cats with them. It's all very stressful.

Well mannered pets faced with the stress of holidays can suddenly bite or scratch … or forget their house manners.

Help your pet (and you) enjoy all holidays by following these simple tips:
" Never allow strangers to grab for him
" Never allow children to maul her
" Never offer his bed to strange dog or cat
" Do give her a safe place to go hide
" Do schedule time to offer individual attention and reassurance
" Do watch the doors… he could bolt in the confusion and become lost.
" Do be sure she's wearing an ID tag - just in case.
* If the Easter Bunny hides eggs (especially chocolate eggs) in your home or yard, keep close watch on the dogs. (I looked out once to see a dog having a wonderful time tossing eggs in the air, then catching and gobbling them!)
* Give your pet a place to hide on the 4th of July... a safe place where he or she can't get loose and run to get away from the noise.
* Keep all your pets inside around Halloween... especially the black cats!
" Do feed him away from the crowd… and NEVER allow strangers to approach him while he's eating … especially children.

And on the subject of eating: all those rich goodies are not good for your pet. Buttery, sugary, spicy, or greasy foods can cause intestinal distress. Chocolate can even be fatal, as can raisins and grapes. So, as much as you and your guests might enjoy slipping a few treats to Rover or Fluffy, resist the temptation and make sure your guests do likewise. You really don't want a trip to the vet in the middle of your holiday celebration.

*A note of caution: Be sure the leftovers are safely put away before you retire for the night. You know where the cat can go. Dogs can get there too if the smell is enticing!

P.S. Several of my cat and dog friends have asked me to include one more don't: Please don't make them dress up like Santa, the Easter Bunny, Uncle Sam... or anyone elses. They really hate it!

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