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(or cats, or women, or children)

Real men already know they're tough. They don't need to prove it to themselves by abusing their pets or their families. Real men are kind and gentleā€¦ and they protect cats and dogs and kids and the women in their lives.

Men who beat up on (or otherwise abuse) any of the above are nothing but bulliesā€¦ trying to prove to themselves that they are big men by striking fear to the hearts of those who should be able to trust them. They probably think their abusive behavior makes them look tough to the rest of the world. It doesn't. It makes them look like wimps who can't hold their own with someone their own size. It makes them look to be exactly what they are: insecure little cowards who pump themselves up by picking on someone smaller. In short, losers.

There are two messages that need to be sent: One is to the girls who may be dating a bully: If this guy is nice to you, but mean to animals, kids, his mom, etc. be assured that he won't be nice to you forever. Don't walk away, RUN away as fast as you can.

The second is to the bullies: Someday a real man will see you dishing out abuse and he'll show you a good reason to stop. So think it over, mend your ways, and turn into a real man yourself.

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