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"Initially I contacted Marte about writing our 'About us' page & a couple of other static pages but I liked her writing so much and she captured what we are all about so well that I got her to write the entire site, plus bios, plus articles, plus a series of 10 recruitment letters."

Jody @ Connective Realty

"Thank You! These prospecting letters are just what I needed. The progression from one letter to the next will show those reluctant sellers that they DO need me!"

Jacquie Rich, Lynnwood

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What Do Top Producing Real Estate Agents All Have in Common?

Effective Marketing

Top real estate agents use a variety of marketing methods to keep themselves and their services in front of the prospects they most want to serve. And they're willing to pay to do it.

In fact, a recent survey showed that top producers (earning over $100,000) spend more on marketing in one month than low producers (earning under $35,000)spend in a year!

Where do they spend that money? Most own laptops and smart phones. Some even have FAX machines in their cars. Then they invest in:

  • Technology that keeps them in touch automatically
  • Membership in real estate sites such as Active Rain
  • Excellent IDX services
  • Assistants (both in-house and virtual) to free up their time for interacting with clients

And... they own their own websites, filled with custom copy designed to show visitors that they are they agent of choice in their community.

The Difference in Web Copy is Clear

Agents who are just getting by use the copy that comes with their cookie-cutter real estate websites. As a result, it doesn't give visitors any reason to think "I want this agent to represent me." In fact, I've seen some sites that don't even feature the agent's name or photo.

They also use the buyer and seller articles that come with those sites. And, sad to say, many of those articles are nothing but "filler."

Top agents fill their sites with client-centered copy written to show how that agent will help those clients realize their goals. Even their "about me" pages build trust and create connections with their readers.

Then they add informative articles, optimized with their keywords to help bring more traffic to their sites.

When you want the kind of copy that says "You've found the agent you need," get in touch. I write real estate marketing copy that showcases the benefits your clients enjoy when they choose you.


One more thing...

Top agents blog.

Top agents who particupated in the survey cited their three top real estate lead generation activities:

  • Personal referrals
  • Blogging
  • Business networking

Why do they blog?

Among other reasons, blog posts create interest and drive traffic to websites where prospects can learn more. They also add search engine optimization because each blog post - especially on a site like Active Rain - gives a valuable link back to the home site.

When blogging on their own sites, those top agents are adding content - and useful content is yet another optimization tool.

You say you don't have time for blogging?

You say you don't like to write?

You say you don't communicate well in writing?

Many agents share your sentiments, but since blogging has become a vital component of success in real estate, they do one of two things:

  • Swallow hard and do it anyway
  • Use pre-written blog posts to keep your on-site blog from going stale
  • Hire a ghostwriter

If your choice is to hire a ghostwriter, write me.

I can write everything from informative posts about buying and selling real estate, to news about state or national laws and proposed legislation, to city-specific news culled from reading a variety of articles. I can even write your posts about a favorite restaurant if you give me something to go on.

So don't think you have to go it alone. I'm here to help.

Yours for prosperity,

P.S. When you're in a hurry and need to stay in touch with prospects, use my pre-written real estate prospecting letters. Each one is designed to build trust and turn those prospects into clients.

Choose from more than 25 prospecting letter sets - to suit your style and the prospects you want most.

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