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If you want to "turbo charge" your copy whether it's for your website, print, or email marketing you must allow Marte to work her magic.


It is such a wonderful treat to me to work with someone as pleasant as yourself! Thanks for being such a great accent to my business!

God Bless.



Thank you.

I absolutly love the new copy.
Thanks For Working So Hard,


Hey Marte,

I really like that! You are real good at what you do.



SEO Web copywriting that captures both search engines and human readers

Effective web copywriting means pleasing the search engines while creating reader-friendly copy...

The 5 Secrets to an Effective Website

Working together, they'll turn your site into a client magnet.

Crafting an effective web site isn't as tough as you might have been led to believe. In fact, it simply requires good copywriting skills - just like any other marketing piece you might use.

The difference is that on the web you only have an average of 5 seconds to grab a prospect's attention. In addition, you either have to drive traffic to your site through e-mail, paid search, or off-line methods - or you have to be found by the search engines.

Pay careful attention to these 5 elements:
  • Your headline
  • Well structured, eye-pleasing, informative body copy
  • Home page clarity
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • A strong call to action
Let's look at these components one by one:

Your headline has to immediately convey a good reason why your prospect should stay and read on.

If it doesn't, your prospects will have clicked away, perhaps never to return. The purpose of the headline is to grab attention and entice your visitors to read the first paragraph. The first paragraph must entice them to read the second, and so on down the line until they're ready to say a resounding "yes" to your call to action. Your web copywriter might spend all day, just crafting that headline - because it is THAT important.

Your body copy must move the sale forward..

One huge mistake that marketers make here is thinking that the copy should be about them and their service. It should not.

If you want to grab your reader's attention, the copy has to be about them and their problems or desires.

Each step, from the picture, to the promise, to the offer, to the proof, must show your prospects that it is in their best interests to keep reading - and to take the action you request.

Everything counts, from the choice of words to the layout. Heavy, dense copy chases people away. Your site needs air - space to breathe in and let your reader's eyes focus.

Clarity: Your home page must not confuse.

People used to believe that the more choices the better, but new research shows that's wrong. In fact, in a supermarket where shoppers were offered samples of 6 flavors of jam, sales of jam were brisk. On another day, shoppers were offered a variety of 20+ flavors, and sales were dismal.

Why? Because they were offered so many choices that they couldn't choose.

It's the same with web pages that are cluttered up with "Click here" and "look at that", and "read this." It's so confusing that visitors leave and find someplace else that's easier to shop.

Some web designers and web copywriters get so carried away with frames and flash and color and graphics that their poor reader's eyes can't even find a place to settle!

Do yourself and your readers a favor - make it easy for them to stick around a while.

Apply Search Engine Optimization methods to each page in your site:

Being "found" in a generic search will increase your bottom line. That's traffic you didn't have to buy, and appearing in the first pages of a search lends credibility to you and your site. It isn't true that only the best sites make it to page one - far from it - but many people think it's true. It also isn't true that only "black-hat tricks" can get you listed high in the search engines.

As your web copywriter I will weave the proper keywords into your site unobtrusively. Keyword "stuffing" looks ridiculous, ruins the flow of your message, and can even harm your search engine rankings. I take the time to use your keywords - not stuff them - because my job as your copywriter is to make your copy appeal to both the search engines and the human readers who visit your page.

In addition to your body copy, I supply titles and descriptions for each of your web pages. These are elements that are sadly lacking on far too many web pages, and they have a profound effect on your search engine ranking.

What else is needed?

Sometimes this is enough to get you a high ranking, but if you've got a lot of competition for your keywords, it isn't.

That's when you need to call in the the SEO experts - the ones who use "white-hat" methods to push your site into the top rankings.

Because this is so important, and because there are so many companies out there who claim expertise without any track record to prove their results, I've formed a partnership with SEO Advantage.They're people I know and trust to get the results they promise.

SEO Advantage Preferred Partner

Make your call to action really call for action!

Many marketers fall down when it comes to asking for the order. They give their readers all sorts of reasons why they should be interested, but then forget to say "order now." It's as if they were overcome with a sudden attack of shyness when it comes to actually asking people to hand over their money in return for the offer.

As your web copywriter, my job is fourfold:
  • Stop your prospects with a commanding headline
  • Keep them on the page until they respond favorably to your call to action
  • Optimize your copy for high search engine placement
  • Create that strong call to action
I don't do design and layout, but I will certainly pass along my suggestions to your web person.

What does your web page need?

Take a look at it and pretend it belongs to someone else. Really read it, and see if it holds your interest. If it's working well, you should begin wanting to make a purchase. And while you're there, take the time to check out your links and make sure they're all working properly. Even the most well-written web page won't do you much good if your links get broken. (And yes, it can happen by accident!)

If you're ready for an update, call me. I'll help you re-write your web marketing copy from scratch, or take what you have and give it more appeal and optimization. My web copywriting skills are at your service. I'm also available to consult with you about your overall marketing plan.

When you're ready to turn your web site into a profit center, call on me!

SEO Advantage Preferred Partner

Marte Cliff
1794 Blue Lake Road
Priest River, ID 83856