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- the do-it-yourself guide to writing your own fundraising appeals!

Thanks for sending your tips on letter writing to me. It has brought me more confidence to try writing one of my own.

Just know that you have played a part in helping homeless and abused animals.

R. Johnson
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Fundraising for Non-Profits

Do you have all the funds you need?

Do non-profits ever have all the funds they need? It doesn't seem so.

And that means that fund raising is an ongoing task.

Even when you have loyal donors, they're apt to forget you if you don't keep reminding them of the good work you do - and their importance to your cause.

Maintain top of mind awareness with those donors -
start preparing your next appeal right now...

...and call on me for fundraising copy with proven results!

Dear Marte, Thanks to you, contributions are beginning to come in, responding to the wonderful appeal letter you provided.

Diane P.
Animal Rescue Halfway House
New York

Wouldn't it be great not to worry about the money?

Imagine - being able to handle the day to day duties of running your non-profit without having to wonder where the money will come from. Would that free you up for more and better accomplishments each day?

When I write your fund raising appeals, my goal is to convince as many people as possible to send you as much money as possible... so you can continue making the world a better place without worrying about money.

I subscribe to the "good news" theory. I believe in showing potential donors the good your non-profit has done and offering the promise of more progress in the future... with their help.

High returns from my letters show that it works. In fact, a recent animal rescue letter brought in a whopping 16% return. Not every fundraising copywriter gets to make that statement.

"Your email letter brought in the needed funds within two hours. I can't believe what a difference it makes when you change a few words around."

Sherry S.
Idaho Alaskan Malamute Rescue

Why do your donors give?

A huge part of the reason is your copy - and I want to talk to you about that. But first, there's something that might be even more important than the copy - and that is gratitude.

When your donors know that you and your cause appreciated their last gift, they're much more apt to give again. And yet, I keep seeing non-profits that don't send thank you notes, and don't even keep track of who their donors are! This is such a huge mistake that no amount of powerful copy can overcome it.

Think about yourself. If you send a gift to a friend and they never say thanks, do you feel motivated to send another? How many times have you read the advice columns in the newspaper and seen letters from Grandparents who give and give to grand-kids and now want permission to stop - because the kids hadn't bothered to call or send a note saying thanks?

Charitable groups that fail to thank donors are forever in a cycle of finding new donors - and that's not a profitable use of time and resources.

But now, back to the question: Why do donors give?

That's a question you can't answer unless you talk to each of them. And even then, you might not find out, because they might not know the entire reason.

Part of a fundraising copywriter's job is to appeal to as many "giving triggers" as possible. And that's one reason my letters work. I take the time to think about what motivates a wide range of donors.

You know that some donors give because they love the group your non-profit serves, but that could be just part of the story. People give for a wide variety of reasons.

For instance: Animal rescue. Some donors who give aren't even animal lovers - they're simply outraged that anyone can abuse any living creature. For others it's a political statement saying that "Since the government won't do anything about this, I guess I'd better stand up and show them it's important!" Some give because they love the animals. And then, some give for many reasons combined.

That's why my fundraising copy is designed to do multiple duties. When I write for you, I will:
  • Let your donors express their outrage over abuse, neglect, dishonesty - whatever you're battling
  • Let donors make a statement about their ethical, moral, or political point of view
  • Let donors feel connected to a cause and a group that matters to them
  • Ease your donor's guilt because they can't help in person
  • Help your donors set a good example for their children
  • Pump up your donor's pride at supporting the cause

As your fundraising copywriter, I will help your non-profit with any or all of your written fundraising materials... from web copy to e-mail appeals, to newsletters, to straight appeal letters. I can also help you decide which of your accomplishments will generate the most positive response and which of your projects should be the focus of your current "ask."

If you aren't sure if you need a fundraising copywriter, please take advantage of my free offer to review your current materials. I'll be glad to speak with you and offer some tips.

When your non-profit needs money, call on me!

Your Fund-raising letter brought in over a 12% response!
Thanks! We needed that.

Sally Nye, Treasurer
Priest River Animal Rescue
Call 208-448-1479 or e-mail!

Marte Cliff
1794 Blue Lake Road
Priest River, ID 83856

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