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Marte Cliff

What goes into the creation of your web pages?

You may wonder what goes into a page of web copy... What happens between the time you call or e-mail to say you need help, and the time new copy is ready to be uploaded to your website?

Everyone is different, but here's what happens when you contact me:


First, if you already have a website, I take a look at what you have on line, just to acquaint myself with who you are and what you offer.

Then I'll call or email you to find out more about what you want and what you hope to accomplish. I like to do this over the phone, because I ask a lot of questions and getting answers back by email doesn't always work well.

Current site analysis

If you have a website and believe it needs a complete tune-up, I offer a web analysis service in which I'll go over every page on your site and make recommendations for improvement. The fee for this will apply to our contract later, should you decide to act on my recommendations.


At this time we'll probably need another conversation to discuss the recommendations and to determine the next step. If your budget won't allow for a complete re-write, we'll discuss which pages are most critical and need to be done first.

If you already have your keyword list, I'll ask for it. Otherwise we can incorporate keyword research into the project.

If you do not yet have a website, I'll spend even more time talking with you, learning more about your product or service and the benefits you bring to the marketplace.

Fee Agreement and Contract

Once we've come to an agreement on the work to be done and the fee for that work, I'll send a contract for your approval. If the project is under $500 I'll ask for the fee up front. If more than $500, I'll ask for 50%, with the balance due upon submission of copy.

More Research, Study

Now the real work begins. I will have asked a lot of questions by now, but will begin asking more, depending upon what the project entails.

I'll start learning all I can about your product or service, checking out your competition, studying past promotions you've done, learning your keywords, learning about your customers and their buying habits, and brainstorming to develop the "big idea" for your site. If you have actual demographic information on your customers, I'll ask for that.

Finally, the writing begins

After all that is done, I can start on the actual copy. The headline and the P.S. are crucial, so along with the body copy, they get plenty of time and attention. I may recommend that you split test a couple of different headlines. The headline and P.S. may be written before or after the body copy.

Once written, I'll let the copy sit for a day or so, then go back and make revisions. I'll also ask someone else to read it, looking for typos or any spots that don't flow smoothly. If there's time, after those revisions are made I'll let it sit again... and come back again to re-read and make any changes, additions, or deletions that seem appropriate before I send it to you.

If it's included in our agreement, I'll create a page title and description for the web. These are important to your search engine optimization and will help lead customers to your site.

When I submit the copy to you, you'll have 10 days in which to get back to me with any revisions you'd like. We're all different, and I do expect you to have an opinion about your copy. Also, we sometimes need to change a word here and there in order to make the copy sound like it's coming from you. My fee always includes up to 3 revisions, as long as the basic concept or offer hasn't changed.

Once the copy is finalized, you'll either plug it into your web page creation software or send it on to your web development person to install on your website.

About the design

I do not do graphics and design myself, but I do have contacts with those who do, and can put you in touch with them. If you need that service, I'll be glad to work with the designer of your choice.