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So you're a new real estate agent
Is there any reason why you shouldn't become the #1 agent in your market?

I didn't think so.

Here's how to accomplish it:

Begin with effective real estate marketing - follow it with outstanding service and consistent follow-up.

The first step is to get them through your door, in your in-box, or on the phone.



After that you need a system for consistent follow-up and a plan to capture leads.

You need real estate marketing materials that show your prospects how it will benefit them when they choose you to help them buy or sell. And then you need a plan to reach those prospects through steady, consistent contact.

With about one million Realtors working in this country, you have stiff competition. Just "being there" is not enough! You need a marketing plan that clearly demonstrates why you are the agent to choose in your marketplace.

And it's easier than you might think. When you put me on your side as your real estate copywriter, I'll help you create a real estate marketing plan that puts you front and center in the minds of the people you most want to serve.

If you're just getting started, I'll help you create a marketing plan that will leave the "long-timers" gaping as you rack up listing after listing, and better yet - closing after closing.

I'll help you see your own unique strengths, and show you how to present them to the real estate market.

I'll show you why stating the obvious can position you ahead of the competition.

In short, I'll help you dominate your market.

The secret to successful real estate marketing

Plan ahead! Start now to plan your real estate promotions for the next several months.
  • Get a professional agent bio written
  • Get your personal brochure written and copies printed.
  • Choose your target markets for prospecting, and get your letters ready to send.
  • Send these "new agent" letters to buyers and sellers who aren't sure they should choose someone new to the business.
  • Replace any "cookie cutter"copy on your website with custom copy that showcases the benefits clients will enjoy when they work with you.
  • Install "client capture" forms on your website, so it can keep marketing when you're too busy.
  • Set up your autoresponder letters to go with that client capture function.
  • Create a blog - on your own website and/or on sites such as Active Rain - and keep it updated.
And if you don't love to write and do it well, call me. I'll make sure each of your written marketing efforts presents you at your professional best.

Remember, when prospects don't know you, your written words create their first impression. Make it a positive impression with copywriting that shows all the benefits you have to offer.

Don't leave your success to chance. Ensure a steady flow of clients and customers through effective real estate copywriting.

If you're ready to start pulling in more customers and clients Write me or call me at 208-448-1479. I'd love to discuss your current real estate marketing and how I can help you get the results you want.

Happy selling, and
Call me when you want more customers!

I'll help you with all the marketing materials you need to create the success you crave.

If you want to "turbo charge" your copy whether it's for your website, print, or email marketing you must allow Marte to work her magic.

Marte writes copy in an attention-grabbing way that ensures the reader stays engrossed right to the last word. And most importantly, our website conversion rate is up and so are sales. Great copy really does work and outsourcing my copy writing needs to Marte allows more time to get on with doing deals.

Well done Marte. I've enjoyed working with you and look forward to sending you more copy.

Simon, at:
Get An Offer Ltd
10- 14 Accommodation Road
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Wishing you boundless prosperity,

Marte Cliff

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